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MPLS - Kashif ul Haq (Corvit Systems)

Date: 11th November 2010
Speaker: Kashif ul Haq (Corvit Systems)

Resources: presentation slides: part1, part2; seminar video at Youtube.


Mr. Kashif Ul Haq is a veteran in the ICT industry of Pakistan. With over 14 years of experience as a technologist and an entrepreneur he has deep insight into technology and business impact of technology. Currently he is working as Founding CEO of Corvit Networks. Corvit is a leading network integrator of the region specializing in providing solutions, services and training to its customers all across Pakistan and the Middle East. At Corvit, Kashif is responsible for looking after the entire business operations of the organization including sales, finance, HR, technical etc. Despite his involvement in business management, he is also actively and extensively involved in conducting trainings on cutting edge networking technologies including MPLS, IPv6, Multicasting, VPN etc. He has trained thousands of professionals in Pakistan, Middle East, UK and USA. He is also a member of Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and actively promotes the art of public and professional speaking. He can be reached at:

Topic of the seminar:

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technology that has caused major market disruptions over the last decade. It has evolved to become the technology of choice for Service Providers (SPs) across the globe. With applications like VPNs, Traffic Engineering, AToM etc. it has rewritten the SP model all over the world. This session on MPLS will include an introduction to the technology along with an overview of MPLS VPNs. Participants will develop an understanding of the need of MPLS and its comparison with traditional IP Forwarding, label allocation, distribution and retention methods, MPLS network convergence, VPN history, MPLS VPN design and operation. These are going to be knowledge packed two hours with a lot of focus on MPLS technology but also on business benefits of this technology.