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MPLS - Majid Siddiq

Date: 29th October, 2009
Presenter: Majid Siddiq
Presentation Slides; Videos Playlist @ Youtube.


A seminar on “Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)” technology was arranged by the NUST-SEECS/ Cisco/ PTCL IP technology center of excellence on the 29th of October, 2009. MPLS is a core technology that drives the implementation of modern state-of-the-art IP networks and is expected to be cornerstone of future next-generation-networks.

The presenter of this event was Mr. Majid Siddiq who has a rich and diverse networking experience of more than 15 years. Mr Majid, who also happens to be the first CCIE certified from Pakistan, has in the past been instrumental in setting up the national Internet gateway (Pakistan Internet Exchange) which connects a major bulk of Pakistani ISPs to the Internet. He is currently employed with Cisco Systems as Manager Systems Engineering.

The aim of this seminar was to give a tutorial-like overview of the MPLS technology and its current implementation on the backbone networks of different service providers. Despite the fact that SEECS was officially closed on the day of the seminar, the seminar was attended heavily with keen students and industry professionals coming in large number to benefit from the insights and experience of our learned presenter. The interest of the participants can be gauged from their request to the presenter to continue for more time than the planned two hours with the presenter graciously obliging. The seminar ended some three hours after its start time.

 The seminar presented a unique opportunity to SEECS students and faculty members to interact with one of the networking industry top professional on a contemporary technology of great practical significance. The IP technology center of excellence will continue to engage top networking professionals in a bid to expose our students to cutting-edge technologies.