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Migration to IPv6 - Kashif ul Haq

Date: 21st March, 2011.
Presenter: Kashif ul Haq
Presentation slides and seminar video at youtube.


NUST IP Tech lab organized seminar on ‘Migration to IPv6’ on 21st March 2011 in collaboration with ACM student’s chapter at SEECS. The seminar focused on techniques that enable migration from IPv4 to IPv6 possible.

The IP Technology Center of Excellence lab at SEECS-NUST is working on IPv6 deployment and testing. The research and implementation team is comprised of Dr. Adeel Baig, Dr. Adnan Kiyani, Mr. Imran Chaudhry and Mr. Ajmal Farooq. The center is also an academia partner of IPv6 Task Force.The speaker for the seminar was Mr. Kashif Ul Haq, CEO CORVIT Networks. Mr. Kashif is a veteran in the ICT industry of Pakistan. With over 14 years of experience as a technologist and an entrepreneur. He is also a member of National Speakers Association USA and Global Speakers Federation.

The event was attended by 130 participants. Students and faculty members were present at the session representing different universities. Professionals that attended the event came from diverse companies and organization including PTCL, Mobilink, Telenor Pakistan, Ufone, China Mobile Pakistan, NayaTel, Qubee WiMAX, Wi-Tribe, Cyber Internet Services, Delta Technologies, Teralight, OGDCL, MoIT and NESCOM among others. The session included interactive discussion on need of transition from IPv4 to IPv6, transition challenges and techniques of smooth transition. Mr. Kashif gave very simple and elaborative examples that justified need for the transition. Mr. Kashif used his extra ordinary speaking skills to explain tunneling and protocols such as NAT-PT. At the end Dr. Arshad Ali presented souvenir to Mr. Kashif for his efforts.
Syed Ahmed Faran,
Mar 31, 2011, 11:29 PM