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Migration to IPv6: A User's Perspective - Asif Kabani, Fakhar Mirza

Date: 23rd June, 2011.
Presenter: Asif Kabani, Fakhar Mirza
 Presentation slides and seminar video at youtube.


On June 23rd 2011, NUST  IP Technology Center of Excellence organized a seminar in continuation of IPv6 seminar series titled as ‘Migration to IPv6: A User’s Perspective’

The talk was divided into two sessions. First session spanning for one hour was taken by Mr. Asif Kabani. Mr. Asif is a fellow in Internet Governance and Public Policy from Diplo Foundation, Switzerland. He is also a Global Member of Internet Society. He has served Internet Governance Forum (IGF) at UNOG with UN DESA, worked for UNESCO, UNDP, UNODC UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP and other INGOs in Sustainable Development through Information Communication Technology. The second session which lasted for two hours was conducted by Mr. Fakhar Mirza. Mr. Fakhar (CTO, NETS International) is an eminent industry specialist and trainer having extensive experience of complex network design, technical management, project engineering, and training & capacity building. His company, National Engineers, was formed in 1983 as a services and system integration organization in Pakistan. Since then, it has established its direct presence in UAE, USA with Ghana and Sudan in the pipeline. Mr. Fakhar is a born-trainer and has served 2000+ individuals till-date apart from volunteering into educational institutions to bridge the gap between students and industry.

The audience included professionals and students from different universities. Mr Asif presented policies and bodies that are promoting IPv6 migration. Mr Asif explained in very interactive manner how legal bodies work together to bind Internet structure. He also explained how academia can contribute in developing future trends of Internet. Mr. Asif described the status of Internet governance at national level and hurdles that Pakistan faces in penetrating deep into Internet roots. Mr. Asif applauded Dr. Adeel Baig’s efforts several times for IPv6 migration and research initiatives. Mr. Asif encouraged the participants to join ISOC. These memberships are freely available at The stage was taken over by Mr. Fakhar Mirza to carry on second session. Mr. Fakhar provided technical overview of IPv6 and how it differs from IPv6. He described the benefits of using IPv6 at user’s end and how new services would benefit. Technical requirements to achieve IPv6 migration were also presented. The seminar took place in very light and interactive atmosphere. The seminar proved to be beneficial for participants and the speakers were delighted and impressed by initiatives SEECS has taken to promote IPv6 migration.

The video recording for seminar can be viewed here.

Presentation of Mr. Asif Kabani (ISOC).

Presentation of Mr. Fakhar Mirza (NETS International).
Syed Ahmed Faran,
Jun 26, 2011, 5:21 AM
Syed Ahmed Faran,
Jun 26, 2011, 5:20 AM