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IP Contact Center - Fakhar Mirza

Date: 25th November, 2011.
Presenter: Fakhar Mirza
 Presentation slides and seminar video at youtube.

The NUST IP Tech Lab arranged a seminar on 26th November 2011 on the topic of IP Contact Center. The purpose of seminar was to introduce participants to structure and working of a Contact Center.

The presenter for the event was Mr. Fakhar Mirza from Nets-International. Mr. Fakhar Mirza is an eminent industry specialist and trainer having extensive experience of complex Network Designing, Technical Management, Project Engineering, and Training & Capacity building. Being a partner with the National Engineers group, he has been part of served some of the most prestigious projects in Pakistan, Africa, and Middle East in areas like Unified Communications (IPT, IPCC), IP/MPLS, Data Centers, Network Security, and Campus Migration. His company, National Engineers, was formed in 1983 as a services and system integration organization in Pakistan that has established its direct presence in UAE, USA with Ghana and Sudan in the pipeline.

The seminar received registration of more than hundred participants whereas 90 participants made it to the seminar. Audience included individuals of universities from different cities and industry. Mr. Fakhar started off from basics of Contact Center requirements. He explained how VoIP and SIP works that is core of communication in a Contact Center. The talk covered several aspects of digital communication and hurdles and tradeoffs in digital computer networks. The presentation skills and deep knowledge of Mr. Fakhar kept the audience alive. Mr. Fakhar thoroughly explained work flow and network components of a Contact Center. He also explained how scripts are stored in different servers for servicing a customer. Participants took deep interest which could later be seen through their questions and feedback. The seminar concluded with presentation of certificate to Mr. Fakhar from HOD EE department, Mr. Habeel. The event received a positive acknowledgement from audience.
Syed Ahmed Faran,
Nov 28, 2011, 2:46 AM