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Huawei Technologies-IP/MPLS

Date: 6th January, 2012.
Presenter: Mr. Muhammad Muzaffar Iqbal; Mr. Faisal

NUST IP Tech Lab arranged a seminar on 6th January 2012 with collaboration of Huawei on ‘Huawei Technologies-IP/MPLS’. The seminar introduced participants to technical framework of MPLS and Huawei’s service in the matter.

Mr. Muhammad Muzaffar Iqbal, Deputy director datacom at Huawei was presenter for the event. Mr. Muzaffar assists in the Telecom and Enterprise department to develop carrier classes and optimize network solutions to increase reliability and reduce overheads. His strengths include working on network technologies like MPLS, Metro Ethernet, BFD, DDOS, NGN and IPTV routing protocols. He has also designed many networks based on MPLS and other advance technologies. He also conducts different trainings in Pakistan and out of Pakistan.

There was appreciable response from participants for the seminar. Close to 200 individuals requested for participation however selected candidates were invited. On the event day, 70 participants attended the seminar belonging to diverse educational institutes and industry. Participation from organizations included PTCL, Ericson, Nescom, NTC, Nayatel among others. The presenter explained MPLS basics and its use in core networks. Huawei solutions and its service capabilities were presented to participants who were well understood and appreciated by participants. The participants showed positive and commendable response afterwards