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Carrier Ethernet - Majid Siddiq

Date: 5th October, 2010
Presenter: Majid Siddiq
Presentation Slides; Seminar video @ Youtube.

NUST-SEECS/ Cisco/ PTCL IP technology center of excellence organized a seminar on “Carrier Ethernet” on 5th October 6, 2010. Carrier Ethernet is being standardized by MEF (Metropolitan Ethernet Forum) to provide Ethernet service as last mile access technology. The invited presenter for the talk was Mr. Majid Siddiq who also presented seminar on MPLS held on 29th October, 2009. He is currently employed with Cisco Systems as Manager Systems Engineering.

The seminar aimed at introducing the latest development in networking technology of providing Ethernet as carrier to users. Mr. Majid Siddiq explained ATM and Frame Relay concepts and pointed out their limitations. The presenter detailed aspects of Carrier Ethernet which would hopefully not hinder its performance in future as improved technology limited use of ATM and Frame Relay previously.

The seminar was attended by faculty members, students from NUST and other universities and also by professionals working in the industry. The fund that was raised through registration of audience was donated to flood relief activities carried out by NUST. The event was appreciated by students and professionals later on and few members from the audience showed interest to remain in contact with the activities carried out by the IP technologies center of excellence.

The recording of the seminar is available at YouTube (link available above). The registration fees collected from this seminar is contributed to NUST flood relief efforts.